Our mission is to provide hyper-realistic, dynamic, and educational training to the responsible citizen and armed professional seeking to gain or further knowledge and expertise on a range of topics from self-defense, firearms training and defensive tactics, to counter-terrorism, workplace violence prevention, and active shooter response.

Todd Rassa Training provides a comprehensive set of courses geared towards responsible citizens and armed professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge, skills, and expertise.

From firearms, hand-to-hand combat, and self-defense training to counter-terrorism, active shooter response and workplace violence prevention, students will increase their skills and abilities in firearms manipulation, defensive tactics, situational awareness, as well as threat recognition and mitigation.

Headed by
Todd Rassa, an industry veteran with over 25 years of training and tactical experience, a multi-discipline cadre of instructors provide students a highly professional, safe, yet relaxed learning environment that is conducive to learning and information sharing. Courses and instructors provide the most realistic, dynamic, and educational training available for defense against the human predator.

At Todd Rassa Training you will receive a level of training that will enhance and hone your survival skills far beyond your expectations.


Upcoming Classes
7/30/17Active Shooter Response for The Concerned Citizen - Force on Force1 DayEpping, NHIntermediateDetails
8/18/17Counter Ambush Tactics1 DayEpping, NHIntermediateDetails
8/19/17Extreme Close Quarter Battle - Long Gun2 DaysEpping, NHIntermediateDetails
9/9/17Ladies 'Get Your Gun and Groove On'1 DayGunsmoke Shooting Range, Snook TXIntermediateDetails
9/9/17Defensive Knife and Pistol2 DaysEpping, NHAdvancedDetails
9/11/17Defensive Knife and Pistol - Force on Force1 DayEpping, NHAdvancedDetails
9/12/17Home Defense Shotgun 11 DayEpping, NHIntermediateDetails
9/13/17Advanced Home Defense Shotgun1 DayEpping, NHAdvancedDetails
9/14/17Counter Ambush Tactics1 DayEpping, NHIntermediateDetails
9/15/17Active Shooter Response for The Concerned Citizen2 DaysEpping, NHIntermediateDetails
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Extreme Close Quarter Battle Training Scenario

Active Shooter Response - Force on Force

Force on Force training from "Concealed Carriers". See the full movie at ConcealedCarriersMovie.com