TODD RASSA - CEO & Owner. Todd is currently a Sergeant with a very large Mid-Atlantic Police Department. He has 26 years of law enforcement experience and over a decade of firearms instructor experience. In addition to law enforcement, Todd is the President of High Calibre Training and Consulting and Founder of Todd Rassa Training. He has numerous firearms instructor certifications that include the SigSauer Academy, US Secret Service, Smith and Wesson Academy and a Mid Atlantic State Police Training Commission. During his career he has worked in the areas of Patrol, Detectives, Crash Reconstruction; Behavioral Analysis and the Special Response Team. Todd is an active member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), National Rifle Association (NRA), and the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI). Todd’s expertise in firearms training, survival tactics, counter-terrorism and terrorist threat assessment; hand-to-hand combat and behavioral analysis disciplines are sought after worldwide. The types of courses he creates and instructs are customized to accommodate a wide range of skill levels and backgrounds, such as: Law Enforcement, Special Forces, Military, Mental Health & Medical Profession, Public Education, Executive Protection, Private Contractors and responsible Citizens. Todd has also been an instructor with the SigSauer Academy for the past thirteen years, where he continues to teach his courses, as well as SigSauer's standard curriculum. Todd's courses extend across the country and to a countless number of students from around the globe. Todd's work has been referenced and cited by others while his courses have garnered praise and awards. His work has not only appeared in print, but on both the small and large screens, having appeared on television shows and featured in a documentary film. Todd's complete curriculum vitae

SARAH RASSA - Certified Firearms Instructor. Sarah began taking firearms courses in 2005. Since meeting her husband, Todd Rassa in 2009, she has mastered extensive firearms andweapons training. Sarah is a Certified Firearms Instructor teaching ladies only handgun courses and works alongside her husband bothat the range and as the Training Coordinator for Todd Rassa Training. Sarah has a degree in Animal Science and has worked for nearly 20 years in the Veterinary Field as a Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Practice Manager, Disaster Relief Assistance and Dog Trainer.

MICKEY ALLEN - Certified Firearms Instructor. Mickey has been training in various forms of armed and unarmed combat for the last 15 years, having the good fortune to study under highly regarded experts in both areas. As it became clear that he was disturbingly willing to absorb punishment, Mickey was quickly made a demonstration bad guy for many classes. Eventually, that segued into becoming an instructor himself, including such subjects as knife and gun defense, improvised weapons, tactical jaw and limb control, close quarters tactics, multiple assailant combat, rape and assault prevention, and of course the full slate of courses offered by Todd Rassa Training. In his daily life, Mickey is a professional private tutor, working with students throughout the U.S. and abroad,