Training Specifically Tailored to Ladies
Todd Rassa Training has a full suite of courses designed for ladies who are new to firearms, as well as those wishing to take their skill set and training to the next level. Each course is designed and taught by Sarah Rassa, a certified instructor, who brings a keen and personal understanding of the training requirements specific to ladies.

Todd Rassa Training also offers courses and schools covering a wide range of topics from home defense to active shooter response in which ladies are encouraged to participate. For more information see our
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Ladies "Getting Over It" - Introductory Pistol1 DayEntry LevelDetails
Ladies "Get Your Gun and Groove On"1 DayIntermediateDetails
Ladies "Shootin' from The Hip" - Pistol Level 11 DayEntry LevelDetails
Ladies Only "Curvy Concealment" 1 DayIntermediateDetails
Ladies "All Up in My Grill" Pistol1 DayAdvancedDetails
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