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Terms & Conditions

  1. Course content is subject to change without notice at Instructor's discretion.

  2. Safety: Any and all persons deemed unsafe by an Instructor of Todd Rassa Training shall be asked to leave the premises without refund immediately.

  3. A Safety Waiver Form must be completed by each registered student.  Please download, complete and email the Safety Waiver Form upon registration to:

  4. Todd Rassa Training reserves the right to refuse any individual for registration.

  5. Cancellation Policy: A written notice of cancellation will need to be provided at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled course date to receive a full refund. *Courses located at the Sig Sauer Academy are subject to the cancellation policy of that facility as well. Please refer to the SigSauer Academy website to view their cancellation policy.

  6. PLEASE NOTE: ALL COURSES LOCATED AT THE SIGSAUER ACADEMY REQUIRE AN ADDITIONAL FEE  AND MUST BE REGISTERED THROUGH THE SIGSAUER ACADEMY at  The only exception to this are the Defensive Tactics courses that are associated with specific courses.  All DT sessions are available for registration at

  7. Several different payment options are available to register for a course, however, should you wish to pay by cash, check or money order please email Sarah:

  8. Prior to the 2 week cancellation period, if you choose to take a course other than the one you have registered for, your registration fee will transfer to the preferred course and any additional cost is your responsibility. In the event a negative balance remains, Todd Rassa Training will refund the difference in cost or apply it to another course of your choosing.

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