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Jaw and Limb Control Defensive Tactics Session

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Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Tactical Jaw & Limb Control-

A seemingly unarmed assailant poses some interesting challenges. Can't shoot your way out of everything, yet you don't want your face caved in by some bruiser either. And what if it turns out he pulls a knife or grabs a pipe wrench when you're already in close? Jaw and limb control sounds like a puppeteering class, but it's actually a versatile defensive approach that works against punches and grabs as well as blade/blunt object attacks, helps even the field against much larger opponents, and can be applied even in the tight confines of a stairwell or airplane aisle. There will be modest physical activity as techniques are practiced, but nothing athletic, so suitable for all adult ages, physiques, and levels of fitness. Preexisting injuries can be easily accommodated, but should be disclosed to the instructors before the start of class. No live fire--training knives and similar training implements only.

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